Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is it, ladies and gents

All right, this is officially where you all can stay updated on my goings-on in Europe this next semester. I'll try to update it rather regularly and include pictures.

Here's the plan:

Mon Jan. 5th 8 am -- (one week from today!) I leave UT for NJ
Tues Jan. 6th 7 pm -- I leave NJ for London
Wed Jan. 7th 6:30 am -- I arrive in London!

Then a plethora of adventures, classes, finals, packing, and:

Wed April 15th 1:15 pm -- I leave London for NJ
Wed April 15th 4:45 pm -- I arrive in NJ (wow, short flight, right?)

Then more adventures, like Philadelphia, Princeton, NYC, etc.

Sat April 18th 6 am -- I leave NJ for SLC
Sat April 18th 11:15 am -- I'm back in Utah, and probably dead tired

Woohoo, this is so exciting!