Monday, March 09, 2009

At the Centre of Everything

I am ridiculously behind on my blogging, and it's a shame, considering the amount of events about which I should be writing. Let's start with last Tuesday and Carmen at Royal Albert Hall. Allow me to describe the context of seeing this production. It was raining quite liberally while we walked across Hyde Park to the show, so Elizabeth and I had a good time clinging to each other under the (partial) protection of her pink scarf, trying to shield our faces and hair from the damaging effects of the wind and rain. Our seats were third row from the very top, and our noses were definitely bleeding. Also, earlier that day, I had foolishly indulged in an entire bag of dried apricots. So, assuming you can draw your own conclusions from the above information, I will leave it that I was rather uncomfortable during the production. Aside from the discomfort and the unfortunate decision to perform the opera in English, it was a very enjoyable night! We topped it off with a viewing party of the season finale of The Bachelor, and I am not going to say anything of my feelings on that.

Wednesday morning we made our way down to Westminster station right next to the London Eye and caught a boat down the Thames to Greenwich, the center of time not to mention the world. As usual, Elizabeth and I broke off and wandered through Greenwich park, soaking up the views and flowers and straight up greenness. If I said we didn't do (and record) the macarena there, I'd be lying. It was Elizabeth's idea. Then, we met up with the whole group at the observatory for a planetarium show, which made me long to see the stars. They're not exactly visible in London. We spent a bit more time in Greenwich, straddled the Prime Meridian, went through the National Maritime Museum, you know, the usual, then caught a ride back to London. The evening was exhilarating -- packing for Scotland and sleeping.

Thursday as soon as class ended, Erin, Abby, Sarah and I headed off to King's Cross station to catch our train ride to Edinburgh, Scotland. Look forward to an update on that soon! I've got a couple more trips coming up -- I leave at like 4 am Friday morning to go to Nice, France with Elizabeth and Mary, get back Monday evening, and the whole group of us leave Tuesday morning for York until that Saturday. Oh, boy.

On the boat on the Thames going to Greenwich

Me and Elizabeth hanging in Greenwich Park

A foot in each hemisphere

Check your watches, ladies and gents. This is Greenwich time we're talking about.

This is a picture I took of Greenwich. Either I'm an amazing photographer or it's a beautiful city. Okay, it's a beautiful city.
This is skipping ahead a bit, but this was in Mitcham yesterday down the street from where we have church. By some miracle we actually got to church half an hour early before the building was even open, so we wandered around the town and took some dorky self-timer pics. What's especially funny about this is you see I'm wearing sunglasses, none of us are wearing scarves -- it was sunny. By the time we got back from church, it was pouring rain. Talk about temperamental weather.

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Wendyburd1 said...

The USUAL?! Con, I am gonna hurt ya. I am sitting in CT, 32 degrees, and bored. You are going to SCOTLAND! And straddling 2 hemispheres. Stinker! LOL!